The GPPA Report is the official bulletin of the Greater Pittsburgh Psychological Association.  A subscription is included in your dues, and a subscription for former members who are not residents of this area, or for professionals not eligible for membership, is available for $15 per year.

Each issue features:  A letter to the membership by the current GPPA President, a variety of perspectives on the field and practice of Psychology from members and other mental health professionals, insightful feature articles, Continuing Education calendar, current event listings, and much more.

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We would like to publish documents, articles, lists, graphics or whatever that would be of wide interest.  What do you use, what have you created, what do you wish you had that a.) could be printed in 2 pages or less, b.) meets a practical need of psychologists, and, c.) is not copyrighted or has similar limitations.  Please send an email to the editor to discuss your ideas.
  Copy should be submitted to the editor, via email by the 1st of the month prior to publication.  

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